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  • Check job site conditions.
    Each day, we make sure there is safe access to the site and the roof to prevent accidents and job delays.
  • Determine Repair. From pipe flashing to shingle inspection, we’ll determine what is needed to repair your roof.
  • Roof Repair. Depending on the size of the repair, we may be able to fix it the same day. However, if it is a larger job we will have to schedule another day of service.


During construction, we uphold a strong commitment to do the job right the first time and to keep all details in mind. Most importantly, though, we provide you with a roof that protects your home and gives you peace of mind.

Besel’s Home Improvement Company offers affordable residential roofing repair and installation services. We are a GAF Factory-Certified Roofing Contractor, as well as an Atlas Roofing AtlasPro.

Besel’s has a proven process in place for handling a variety of roofing repair concerns for asphalt roofs. We frequently have more mechanical and roofing permits in the LeavenworthLansing area than any other contractor.


Over the years, Besel’s has helped hundreds of our customers with their home improvement financing. We work with several lenders, so we have multiple payment options, offer competitive terms, and quick approvals with an easy online application.

You Can Finance All Besel’s Services including Heating & Cooling, Roofing, or Remodeling

  • Projects up to $55,000
  • Payments as low as 1% of a project cost
  • Terms long as 180 months
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Solutions for rental homes as well

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Replacing or installing your roof is a process Besel’s has nailed down, from set up to clean up. At Besel’s we take pride in our craftsmanship, but more importantly, work to ensure customer satisfaction. At the end of the day, we’re in charge of making sure the roof over your head is sturdy and protects your home and family’s comfort.

We will work with your insurance company if your roof has hail damage to guarantee the best approach to repair or replace your roof. From roof tear-off to clean up, Besel’s works with you each step of the way to ensure ultimate satisfaction with your roof repair, installation or replacement.


  • Check job site conditions.
    Each day, we make sure there is safe access to the site and the roof to prevent accidents and job delays.
  • Tear-off shingles for a smooth roof base and haul away. This is the priming step in the roofing process. We remove old shingles, revealing the smooth roof base surface.
  • Address flashing details. Flashing details around chimneys, soil stacks, ventilators, and vertical wall joints are the most likely point of leakage.
  • Construct smooth, unobstructed valleys. Sloping roof planes direct water to the valley; the valley must be constructed to carry water away quickly.
  • Begin shingle installation with starter strip. The strip protects the roof by filling in spaces under the cutouts and edges of the first shingle course.
  • Install protective hip & ridge caps. We provide the finishing touch to protect your roof investment.
  • Install shingles. The final step of the process.  New shingles protect your investment, your family, and beautify your home.
  • Job site cleanup. Ladders and equipment in the yard and around the house are potential causes of accidents. We maintain clean appearances so your house does not look like a construction site. Included in all roof jobs.


Let us take care of the roof over your head. Get a free roofing repair estimate today – completely free of charge! It is important to maintain your roof’s upkeep, as it can not only extend the roof’s life but also save you money on your energy bills. Don’t forget about your gutters! Besel’s offers a gutter replacement, repair, and cleaning. Did your home recently get hit with a hailstorm?

The Besel’s team is experienced in roofing work involving insurance claims. Let Besel’s work directly with your insurance company on your behalf to guarantee the best approach for repair.

Just continue as always. Hire the best, pay the best. Treat your employees and customers well.

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As your neighbors and storm damage experts, Besel’s stands with you through severe weather. If your home experiences damage, contact us right away for a free roof inspection to ensure you and your property are protected. Be careful and stay safe!
Kansas is no stranger to some of nature’s fiercest storms. Inclement weather can strike at any time and when it passes through, there’s a great potential for damage to your home or business. High winds can rip off shingles, heavy rains can cause flash flooding and hail can easily damage your siding. It’s important to call Besel’s after inclement weather passes through, to ensure these damages are short-lived. We’re your local experts on storm damage remediation, specializing in providing hail damage repair in Leavenworth, KS. We’ll make sure your roofing and siding are ready to stand up to whatever Mother Nature has coming up next.

Call us for a FREE home roof inspection or inspection by calling or click on the “Get a Quote” button.

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At Besel’s Home Improvement, we like options.  That’s why we work with two premium brands of shingle – GAF and Atlas.  We have installed Atlas shingles for the last few years.  Their Lifetime Warranty on shingles also includes an (up to) 20-year warranty on workmanship when installed by an AtlasPro, like us.

We offer these product lines:

BEST – StormMaster Shake

StormMaster® Shake shingles featuring Scotchgard™ Protector offer durability and architectural style for a timeless look.

BETTER – Pinnacle Pristine

Pinnacle® Pristine architectural shingles provide the stunning color that lasts.

GOOD – GlassMaster

GlassMaster® 3-tab shingles bring proven performance and appealing classic looks.


At Besel’s Home Improvement, we like options.  That’s why we work with two premium brands of shingle – GAF and Atlas.  We have installed GAF residential roofing products for over 25 years.  Their Timberline Shingles are the #1 selling shingle brand in North American.  GAF offers a Lifetime Roofing System when installed by a Factory Certified Roofing Contractor, like us.

GAF Virtual Home Remodeler – Mix and match shingle styles and colors, trim, and exterior materials on a home like yours by visiting this amazing tool.

We offer these product lines:

BEST – ArmorShield

Grand Sequoia® ArmorShield Shingles offer the look of rugged wood shakes with the protection of UL 2218 Class 4 impact resistance. Plus, they may qualify for insurance discounts.*
*Insurance discounts may not be available in your area. Where available, insurance discounts may vary. Contact your insurance provider for information.

BETTER – Timberline HD

For just pennies-a-day more than standard architectural shingles, you can enjoy Timberline Ultra HD® Shingles, the thickest, most ultra-dimensional Timberline High Definition® Shingle. Featuring GAF’s proprietary color blends, Timberline Ultra HD® Shingles offer a wood-shake look with an incredible thickness that you’ll notice and appreciate.

GOOD – Royal Sovereign

Royal Sovereign® Shingles combine simple, timeless beauty with GAF’s Advanced Protection® Shingle Technology. They are made with an advanced color sequencing technology, creating a rich and vivid design.

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