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Replacement & Installation

Roof Tear-off

Replacing or installing your roof is a process Besel’s has nailed down, from set up to clean up. At Besel’s we take pride in our craftsmanship, but more importantly, work to ensure customer satisfaction. At the end of the day, we’re in charge of making sure the roof over your head is sturdy and protects your home and family’s comfort.

Scope of Work

Check job site conditions

Each day, we make sure there is safe access to the site and the roof to prevent accidents and job delays.

Tear off shingles for a smooth roof base and haul away

This is the priming step in the roofing process. We remove old shingles, revealing the smooth roof base surface.

Address flashing details

Flashing details around chimneys, soil stacks, ventilators and vertical wall joints are the most likely point of leakage.

Construct smooth, unobstructed valleys

Sloping roof planes direct water to the valley; the valley must be constructed to carry water away quickly.

Begin shingle installation with starter strip

The strip protects the roof by filling in spaces under the cutouts and edges of the first shingle course.

Install protective hip & ridge caps

We provide the finishing touch to protect your roof investment.

Install shingles

The final step of the process.  New shingles protect your investment, your family, and beautify your home.

Job site cleanup

Ladders and equipment in the yard and around the house are potential causes of accidents. We maintain clean appearances so your house does not look like a construction site. Included in all roof jobs.