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On Time


Showed up on time, very friendly. Work was done fast and done right!



Keith is on the ball

Dave G. – Thorough and fast.


Mark was a great guy – very thorough and fast.

Robert S. – Nice Job!


Nice job, well done despite hot weather. Nothing left for us to drag to the curb!!

Protect Your Home With Clean Gutters


With all the rain we’ve had, your gutters have been getting a workout. By controlling the water around your home, gutters guard your biggest investment. But when your gutters are clogged with leaves, sticks, or other debris, they can’t do their job. So some rain spills where it’s not supposed to – big deal, right? […]

The Importance of Permits


The Importance of Permits In our line of work, we understand the value of obtaining permits (we call it “pulling permits”) from the local municipal offices before starting any major home improvement project. Replacing a furnace, building a sun room, installing a new roof or swapping out that 25-year-old air conditioner require knowledge, training and […]

Recycling: More than Just Bottles & Cans


We know you know this already.  You are conscious of waste.  You would like to see the environment continue humming along.  It could be the aluminum can recycling bin at your office, or a full-blown compost heap.  Whatever your motivation, you do your part. We do, too! When we complete a big job – replacing your […]

Team Spotlight: Mike Jostmeyer


Maybe it’s his memorable last name. Could it be his bubbly personality? Or perhaps his wicked skills with hand saws and power tools? We can’t be certain, but we receive a hefty amount of positive feedback from our customers on the one, the only, Mike Jostmeyer. Mike has seen and done just about everything in […]


Routine Roof Inspections are No Joke!


Free roof inspections through April It’s time to call Besel’s Home Improvement to schedule your free roof inspection! Spring is the perfect time to identify issues with your roof including: Holes in the moisture barrier Leaks Loose or missing shingles Loose flashing Most roof issues start small but can grow to become significant over time. […]

Your Year-Round Home Maintenance Checklist


Buying a home can be quite the undertaking. With the satisfaction of having a place of your own comes a never-ending list of adult chores you need to complete regularly to keep your investment in good shape. At Besel’s, it’s been our business for more than a century to help folks in the Leavenworth-Lansing area […]