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Don was great!


Don was great!  We would love to use this company in the future if needed.

Do you have a swimming pool or irrigation system? You might need this.


Backflow preventers are required by every local water utility.  These devices allow water to flow in one direction, but prevent it from flowing backwards in the opposite direction.  A backflow preventer is like a one-way gate for water.  Most backflow preventers are used to keep unsafe water from reversing flow and entering the clean water […]

He’s our guy


Don is just a super person and a great plumber…He’s our “guy” from now on!



Don was on time and friendly. I discovered a plumbing problem with my water heater just before Don arrived to remove the hot water hose. He explained what was causing the leak from my water heater and was able to fix the problem.

Very Lucky


We just had Don Besette install a new kitchen faucet and if your other employees are of the same caliber as Don you are very lucky. Don is a great representative for your company. He was a very friendly person and was very knowledgeable as to his trade. Please let him know that we were […]

New Water Heater Regulations


Get in the Right Kind of Hot Water With New Water Heater Regulations Is there a new water heater in your future? New Department of Energy (DOE) regulations may make the purchase a little more complicated.  The DOE issued new efficiency standards that took effect in April.  The updated DOE standards apply to gas, electric, […]

“Say, do you know a good handyman?”


“Say, do you know a good handyman?” We sure do!  A few, in fact. Winter is almost over and we at Besel’s know that some of you have started your spring cleaning early.  With that usually comes a refreshed to-do list of home repairs.  Yours might look something like this: Clean the gutters Install grab […]

Employee Spotlight: Clarkie Fultz


Get your motor runnin’ Given this week’s blistering temperatures, we figured this is a good time to shine the ol’ employee spotlight on the woman who keeps our repair operations on task here at Besel’s Home Improvement. Our Assistant Service Manager Clarkie Fultz fills a role critical to our success and your comfort. For 15 […]

Team Spotlight: Mike Jostmeyer


Maybe it’s his memorable last name. Could it be his bubbly personality? Or perhaps his wicked skills with hand saws and power tools? We can’t be certain, but we receive a hefty amount of positive feedback from our customers on the one, the only, Mike Jostmeyer. Mike has seen and done just about everything in […]