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Service Agreement Advantages


We love our Service Agreement customers! As a service agreement member, you are entitled to a 10% discount on all our additional services. We want to make sure you’re taking advantage of all the benefits that come along with your membership. Last year, 76% of Service Agreement customers used their 10% discount on one or more of Besel’s services… Residential Roofing Handyman Services Heating & Cooling Repairs Don't forget these as well:   Remodeling and Handyman Kitchens and Bathrooms Windows and Siding Painting Plumbing Service Clogged Pipes   …and more Free Estimates Schedule Today: (913) 682-7000

Preventative maintenance

Besel’s Spring Air Condition Preventive Maintenance


1. Thermostat The first step is to check the thermostat inside your house to make sure it’s still properly attached and is working properly. 2. Airflow Next, head to the outside unit to make sure there are 2 feet of space all the way around your air conditioner. That helps ensure there’s proper airflow around […]

Besel's Home Improvement

AC Noise, Now What?


“What is that noise coming from my Air Conditioner?” As the warm weather finally gets to the Midwest and you find yourself turning on your AC unit, this might be a question you ask yourself. All HVAC units make some noise when they run because of all the components and moving parts. However, there are […]

The Importance of Permits


The Importance of Permits In our line of work, we understand the value of obtaining permits (we call it “pulling permits”) from the local municipal offices before starting any major home improvement project. Replacing a furnace, building a sun room, installing a new roof or swapping out that 25-year-old air conditioner require knowledge, training and […]

Recycling: More than Just Bottles & Cans


We know you know this already.  You are conscious of waste.  You would like to see the environment continue humming along.  It could be the aluminum can recycling bin at your office, or a full-blown compost heap.  Whatever your motivation, you do your part. We do, too! When we complete a big job – replacing your […]

Employee Spotlight: Clarkie Fultz


Get your motor runnin’ Given this week’s blistering temperatures, we figured this is a good time to shine the ol’ employee spotlight on the woman who keeps our repair operations on task here at Besel’s Home Improvement. Our Assistant Service Manager Clarkie Fultz fills a role critical to our success and your comfort. For 15 […]

Team Spotlight: Mike Jostmeyer


Maybe it’s his memorable last name. Could it be his bubbly personality? Or perhaps his wicked skills with hand saws and power tools? We can’t be certain, but we receive a hefty amount of positive feedback from our customers on the one, the only, Mike Jostmeyer. Mike has seen and done just about everything in […]

Ongoing service technician training is our key to success


Professionalism in all we do … You don’t stay in business long by being “just okay” at what you do. Going on 105 years in the roofing, remodeling, handyman, and HVAC service and repair business, we take a lot of pride in the work we perform as part of the Besel’s Home Improvement family. We […]

HVAC Replacement Permits Are a Must


We wish we could say that we’re surprised, but when you’ve been in business for 105 years, you’ve pretty much seen it all. A Kansas City Star article on Sunday pointed out that many heating and cooling contractors – even licensed providers – in the metro do not pull the required permits when replacing residential […]

Your Year-Round Home Maintenance Checklist


Buying a home can be quite the undertaking. With the satisfaction of having a place of your own comes a never-ending list of adult chores you need to complete regularly to keep your investment in good shape. At Besel’s, it’s been our business for more than a century to help folks in the Leavenworth-Lansing area […]