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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

Americans place a special significance on their home – a place to raise their children, entertain friends and enjoy life. Unfortunately, the air inside a home can often make it unlivable. Because indoor air is constantly being recycled, it accumulates pollutants like dust mites, pet dander, dirt particles, bio-aerosols, odors and chemicals. Concentrated pollutants can cause headaches, nausea or lethargy and contribute to the development of chronic respiratory disease.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA),

Indoor air may be five times more polluted than the air outside — making it one of the top five environmental risks to your health.

State-of-the-art indoor air quality products can make a tremendous impact on indoor air and provide relief for allergy sufferers. But first, you should determine the scope of your home’s air quality problems – if any.

Besel’s Free Indoor Air Quality Assessment

Besel’s is pleased to offer a complimentary indoor air quality assessment for your home. Using an indoor air quality monitor, the air quality of your home is continuously monitored over several days –measuring temperature, relative humidity and the presence of carbon monoxide and airborne particulates. The data is automatically recorded and analyzed.

If an air quality problem is discovered, Besel’s has a complete line of indoor air quality products to resolve it, and you can be confident that our recommendations are based on data, not guesswork. Contact us today for your free Indoor Air Quality Assessment.