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When Besel’s does a job for you, we do our absolute best to keep you and your family out of harm’s way. We have a detailed checklist of preventative measures we take prior to and following any job we do.

Safety To-Dos

Obtain necessary building permits

Before beginning, we make sure the job meets local building codes.

Reconfirm job schedule

Prior to starting the job, we will follow up with you to avoid last-minute scheduling conflicts which ensures the job is complete and on time. However, please be aware that weather conditions may require schedule adjustments.

Provide necessary equipment at job site

We avoid installation delays by having the right tools on site.

Protect house and landscaping

Besel’s will cover shrubs to prevent any damage, and use tarps to protect the exterior of your home. We take every precaution to protect your home and property, but there is always the possibility that damage may occur.

Confirm pets are secure

The Besel’s team takes the necessary precautions to protect your pets from injury which reduces the owner’s potential liability.

Setup support equipment correctly

We will setup scaffolds, ladders, roof jacks and fall protection to insure a fast, smooth and safe installation.

Remove all debris from the roof

Besel’s wants your new roof to shine!

Final site cleanup

All debris will be cleaned up and we won’t leave litter or equipment at your home.

Final rooftop inspection

Upon completion, our team will confirm the roof is installed properly, conduct a magnetic sweep for nails, and go through a homeowner inspection.

Make sure that you are satisfied

We will provide extra matching shingles allowing you to make minor repairs in the future.

Deliver warranties

In the end, Besel’s will provide you with peace of mind.