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AC Noise, Now What?

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“What is that noise coming from my Air Conditioner?” As the warm weather finally gets to the Midwest and you find yourself turning on your AC unit, this might be a question you ask yourself. All HVAC units make some noise when they run because of all the components and moving parts. However, there are certain noises that require immediate attention. Depending on what the problem is, you may be able to fix it yourself, but in most scenarios, it is smarter and more cost efficient to call Besel’s Home Improvement at (913) 682-7000!

WARNING – Before inspecting, checking, or attempting to fix anything on your own AC unit, turn it off first! (Again, the smartest thing you can do is just grab a cold drink and call Besel’s.)

Here are some different noises and what they might mean:

Purr / Roar

To keep your neighbors happy, newer units are built to be quieter than older models. So of course, they’ll be purring along in the background as they run. Older units may have a deeper or slightly louder whir as they run, but this does not necessarily mean that they are malfunctioning. A consistent quite purr is a good thing so it’s time to sit back and relax!


This likely indicates a problem with the bearings and belts of the blower. As time goes on, the belts get worn out or cracked over time. These cost your unit its efficiency and cost you more money. If neglected, this will break and damage the whole unit.


In outdoor AC units, things such as sticks, rocks, leaves, trash, and other debris may get trapped inside the cover of the unit. In indoor systems, toys or trash may have gotten into vents or ducts. In both scenarios, it could even be that bolts or screws are loose. If you decide to attempt to fix it on your own, the first step is to clean the unit and tighten all screws. However, if the rattling continues, you can be looking at a more serious problem such as an issue with the compressor.

Clanging & Banging

That noise keeping you up at night? It could be that your AC blower has decided to call it quits. Additional symptoms of a bad blower are an AC that stops working after a few hours or does not blow cool air when it is turned on.


So your AC unit is a little louder than normal? It could be just a simple fix in that it needs lubrication. With a AC unit, there are a lot of moving parts that need to be lubricated for the machine to run smoothly. Caution! Please note that humming could also indicate that a key part of the AC has failed, and the unit is trying to run without it.  AC checkup/tune up is the correct approach to determine the issue.


As you know, your AC has a lot of electrical components, and one of these is the capacitor. This is the part of the unit that sends an electric currant to the motor to start it or keep it running. A clicking noise might mean that it needs to be replaced.


Nope, that not a snake hiding under your unit. More than likely, it’s a refrigerant or Freon leak causing that hissing noise. “Freon” is a heat transfer fluid, which means it is capable of absorbing heat from the air indoors and transferring it outside to get cooled down. This air is then returned indoors for everyone to enjoy. Freon is circulated over and over by your air conditioning system to cool the air.  Leaking Freon circulating through your house is not healthy. This needs to be taken care of ASAP.


A little-known fact, air conditioners have two fan blades. This type of noise means these might be loose, causing them to scrape against the unit walls or other parts of the unit.

Hopefully, this list helped you troubleshoot your Air Conditioning unit or system. As always, if you have any questions about something your AC is doing, please call Besel’s at (913) 682-7000. Be sure to ask about our new unit AC specials or learn more here.

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