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Your sump pump is your home hero.

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  • May. 24, 2016
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Face your fears. Go to the basement.

Your sump pump is your home hero Find Out More.
If there’s one thing we’ve learned from horror movies, it’s don’t go into the basement!  But it’s time to get over your dread. Forget the movies and get yourself downstairs. Check your sump pump.

This hard-working equipment is the unsung hero of your home. It keeps your basement dry and your foundation solid. All it asks in return is a little TLC.  “If you spend a little bit of time and money now, it can potentially save you tons of money and hassle later,” says Don Besette, plumber with Besel’s.

The work of a sump pump

Flooded.BasementA dehumidifier takes moisture out of the basement air and deposits it into a pit in the basement floor. Once this pit fills to a certain level, a sump pump churns the water out.

We often think about damp basements when it’s rainy. But moisture can be a problem any time, depending on the water table in your area and the construction of your foundation. It’s not unusual for water to come up through the basement floor in addition to coming down from rain.

Your sump pump protects your home 24/7 from more than just a little water in the basement. If a sump pump fails, you can be looking at a real horror show: damage to finished areas, widespread mold, loss of irreplaceable keepsakes, and expensive foundation damage.  Questions about your sump pump?  Call us at 913-682-7000.

Sump pump upkeep

Keeping your sump pump running smoothly just takes a little attention.  “Eight to 10 years is a good lifespan for a sump pump,” says Don. “It depends on how often it gets used, the location, and what kind of pit it’s in. You’ve got to make sure the pit is clean. If there’s a freestanding float, make sure it’s able to move.”

A sump pump is like a toilet – the float turns it on. Debris in the pit can stop the float (the on/off switch) from operating properly.  Sump pumps are only a few hundred dollars, so live and learn if yours burns out, right? Wrong!  “It’s not like an AC unit where it goes out and you’re uncomfortable for a few days,” Don says. “Not having a functioning sump pump can do damage immediately.”

So what’s a homeowner to do? Call Besel’s for a maintenance visit. Don and his team will cycle the pump a few times, checking the float and the valve. We also highly recommend a Basement Watchdog battery back-up. You don’t want your basement flooding just because the power goes out.

A little prevention goes a long way. If your sump pump is more than 10 years old, swapping it out for a new one is a cheap way to avoid a problem. But know that this is a job for a professional. Many homeowners try to tie the drain into the main sewer line. This is a code violation and a recipe for disaster.

At Besel’s, we’ll do the job right. Call us at 913-682-7000 to schedule your sump pump check-up today!


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