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Training keeps Besel’s team on top

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  • Feb. 10, 2016
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At Besel’s, we’re focused on providing the best service to our customers. That means our technicians are well-educated and have the most up-to-date training.

We were pleased to send two of our techs to BuildATech. Adam Patterson and Spencer Greenamyre participated in this intensive training. After a week of webinars, the two traveled to Dallas for three weeks of hands-on work at the Lennox factory.


“I enjoyed the whole experience,” says Spencer. “I learned a lot. It was a long three weeks but it goes a long way.”

The men worked on all aspects of HVAC maintenance and repair.

“We did a lot of troubleshooting on furnaces,” says Adam. “On the A/C side, we learned how to pump down refrigerant and recover it. We did troubleshooting, brazing projects, and book work.”

Prior to the BuildATech, Spencer had worked primarily on Besel’s roofing team. “I had actually gone on a couple of furnace calls, but I went into the training with very little experience,” he says. “Adam had more experience doing that.”

Adam’s previous HVAC experience was mostly preventative service calls.

“I was doing both spring and fall preventative maintenance calls,” he says. “When I wasn’t doing those, I would ride with a couple of guys. Now that I’ve done this training, I’m looking forward to doing more on-demand calls.”

Both Adam and Spencer are now Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certified. They also took the test for their North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certification, and will get the results in a few weeks. Adam also has his heat pump, core, and air conditioning specialty certifications. He’s also waiting to get the results on his testing for gas heat and air-to-air certifications.

These certifications are more than fancy documents. They reflect Besel’s dedication to ongoing education and sending the right person out on the job.

“The great thing about this training was being able to do a lot of hands-on,” says Spencer. “Everything was new to me, but it was a good way to dive in and be able to work on a system right away.”

With his new knowledge, Spencer will be working on spring and fall preventative maintenance calls.

Adam appreciated the practical training as well. “Now, I’ll be able to go out and have the confidence to find problems myself and troubleshoot,” he says sites. “I gained a lot of understanding of where to look for problems, and that helps a ton.”

Whether you’re having a problem or just need some routine maintenance, the team at Besel’s is here to help. Give us a call at 913-682-7000. You might see Spencer or Adam on your doorstep!


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