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The Importance of Permits

posted in AC/Furnaces, Roofing
  • May. 5, 2015
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The Importance of Permits

In our line of work, we understand the value of obtaining permits (we call it “pulling permits”) from the local municipal offices before starting any major home improvement project.

Replacing a furnace, building a sun room, installing a new roof or swapping out that 25-year-old air conditioner require knowledge, training and experience and should be done only by skilled, licensed professionals.

These types of projects typically require pulling a permit down at the City Clerk’s office. The primary reason is safety. A permit lets the city know that the work was done and gives them a heads up to come out and inspect the job to ensure is was done completely and correctly.

Pulling a permit for your new backyard deck for example is also something of an insurance policy. The company performing the work can be held responsible should something go wrong. A permit in some ways guarantees that the work was completed according to local building codes.

Sometimes a contractor will tell you he has gotten the proper permit and will charge you for it – there is a small fee associated with permits, of course. Months or years later, you’re preparing to sell your home. You want thorough inspection, but come to find out that the city inspector won’t look at your roof because the contractor never obtained the proper documentation. Sadly, this does happen a bit too often in our industry.

Choosing Besel’s for your major home improvement work is a smart way to go. Why? Because we pull more permits than any other contractor in our service area.  In 2014, we pulled 57 residential roofing permits and 41 residential  HVAC permits…in addition to our 3000+ service calls.

In fairness, there are many reputable contractors in our area and a handful regularly pull permits for their work, but Besel’s is the consistent leader in this practice for our service area. That’s something we’re proud of, and something that should give you peace of mind when selecting us to work on your largest and most valuable investment.

So, whether you choose Besel’s or another contractor for a big job, always verify that a permit was pulled. Next, invite your city inspector over to have a look at your shiny, new AC and all of its pipes and tubes and wires to ensure that the installation was done correctly. Finally, rest easy knowing that you made a smart choice.


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