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Recycling: More than Just Bottles & Cans

  • Mar. 3, 2015
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We know you know this already.  You are conscious of waste.  You would like to see the environment continue humming along.  It could be the aluminum can recycling bin at your office, or a full-blown compost heap.  Whatever your motivation, you do your part.

We do, too!

When we complete a big job – replacing your furnace or air conditioner, for instance – we also go into recycling mode.

Furnace and A/C Recycling

You’re aware that these two appliances and others in your home contain hazardous materials, usually chemicals like the coolant Freon or oil or mercury.  We are of course required to follow proper collection, transport and disposal practices as regulated by federal law with respect to those items.  But what about the bodies of the beasts?

Often there are quite a few leftover parts and pieces. In olden times, it might have been more economical for professional contractors to simply transport that load to the local dump, toss it into the abyss and forget about it.

These days, naturally, regulations, public interest and social responsibility compel licensed contractors to “do the right thing” given the volume of scrap metal we handle each week.  In doing so, we help your old furnace achieve new life after it is disassembled, melted down and remade into a variety of other products.  Last year, we recycled over 225 furnace and/or A/C units.

Shingle Recycling

And our recycling efforts don’t extend just to large appliances. Roofing shingles are another area where we recycling.  Most of the shingles torn off your house will find their way into hot-mix asphalt.  Last year, Besel’s recycled over 675,000 square feet of shingles.  This is another win-win – it is economical and environmentally friendly.

Next time you’re considering a furnace, A/C or roof replacement, be sure to ask your contractor, “What do you do with the trash?”  Most of the time, the cost is the same to make the environmentally-friendly choice.

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