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Year-Round Home Maintenance

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  • Oct. 21, 2014
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[Note: This post has been updated from its original version.]

Maintaining your home can be quite the undertaking. With the satisfaction of having a place of your own comes a never-ending list of adult chores you need to complete regularly to keep your investment in good shape.

At Besel’s, it’s been our business for more than a century to help folks in the Leavenworth-Lansing area with their home maintenance and home improvement needs. We know that resources can be tight at times, so we’ve put our heads together and created a list of tasks that homeowners should address throughout the year. Most of these you can do yourself for little cost and a short trip to the local hardware store.

Keep this list handy or visit our Facebook page for periodic reminders.

  • Change batteries on smoke, fire, or carbon monoxide detectors at the beginning and end of Daylight Savings Time.
  • Test your home for carbon monoxide or install a CO detector.

  • When temperatures drop below 10⁰, leave cold water taps on a slow drip.
  • Open or close air ducts to better regulate indoor air temperature.
  • Change out the furnace filter every three months.

  • Clean and replace dryer hose every five years.
  • Check for drafts and apply new weather stripping on exterior doors and interior garage door.
  • Service your furnace annually.

  • Service your AC annually.
  • Check aluminum or vinyl siding integrity in the spring.
  • Insert foam insulation behind outlet covers.
  • Caulk window edges.
  • Reverse ceiling fan direction (summer – counterclockwise, winter – clockwise).

  • Apply clear plastic insulation on interior windows while the outdoor temp is above 40⁰.
  • Insulate your attic.

  • Check for signs of mold or water damage.
  • Have your roof inspected twice per year and after major storms.
  • Grout tiles in kitchen and bathrooms.

As with anything, performing regularly scheduled maintenance such as the tasks listed above can help keep your home, roof, furnace and air conditioning system in tip top shape. In addition to improved indoor air quality, these steps can save you lots of money over time through lower heating and cooling bills!

And as always, if you need help, give us a call at 913-682-7000 to set an appointment. We’ll complete a walk through, pointing out areas where, for little cost and labor, you can improve your castle. Our Besel’s Service Agreement customers receive an automatic 10% off any work we do for you if you prefer to let our expert technicians tackle those more complex projects for you.


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