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HVAC Replacement Permits Are a Must

  • Mar. 13, 2014
  • by

We wish we could say that we’re surprised, but when you’ve been in business for 105 years, you’ve pretty much seen it all.

A Kansas City Star article on Sunday pointed out that many heating and cooling contractors – even licensed providers – in the metro do not pull the required permits when replacing residential furnaces or air conditioners. The most important issue here is that without a permit, the local municipality cannot then come in after the fact to inspect the work that was done and point out any errors to be fixed.

Carbon monoxide poisoning still happens, and when it does it can be fatal. This is the greatest risk of not ensuring that your new furnace was installed properly. Long-term impacts to indoor air quality can also occur. Luckily, even those contractors who do not pull permits for this type of work still install the new heating systems correctly in most cases.

At Besel’s we don’t cut corners. We pull permits for 100% of our jobs. And if we make a mistake, we make it right.

The Star article focused mainly on HVAC replacement in Wyandotte and Johnson counties in Kansas and Jackson and Cass counties in Missouri. We do pull permits, and we receive notifications of all HVAC permits issued within our coverage area. We are happy to report that in Leavenworth and Lansing, we regularly see the names of local HVAC companies.

You can be confident that when we replace your heating or cooling system, you will be covered by a permitted job. That’s how it should be. You and your family deserve no less.

When the time comes to replace your furnace and air conditioner – whether you call Besel’s Heating and Cooling or another provider – require that a permit will be obtained and the city inspector does a site evaluation to verify safe installation. That added peace of mind is well worth a moment of your time.


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