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Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

posted in AC/Furnaces
  • May. 8, 2013
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It appears spring has finally taken up residence in northeast Kansas. Open the windows and let in some fresh prairie air. We’ll remind you again in the fall, but now is a perfect time to consider checking your indoor air quality (IAQ).

Most people know the effects pet dander, dust and mold in the home can have on those with allergies or respiratory issues. We’ve all been told of the dangers of carbon monoxide and radon as well. But did you know that your furniture, carpet, the walls that hold up your roof, personal care products, and cleaning agents you use every day can impact the air you breathe in your own home?

For the most part the items we listed tend to be mild irritants, but can linger in your home year round. A functioning HVAC system including a furnace with an air filter can go a long way toward catching many of these invisible particles and increasing your IAQ. Also, keeping the humidity in your home in the 30-40% range helps prevent mold and mildew. Adding a humidifier to your furnace can help you regulate levels throughout the structure.

IAQ is measured based on many factors, including how much outdoor air circulates into and out of your home. As we’ve written above, poor IAQ largely results from products and chemicals you introduce into your home. That’s why we recommend a professional inspection in the spring and fall. Knowing where your home stands in terms of IAQ gives you knowledge to increase your score and put the sneezing, itchy eyes and scratchy throat to rest.

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